Welcome to the Corner at Musser

The Corner at Musser is a neighborhood joint where friendly people meet! Hosted by two of Lancaster’s favorite bartenders, we feature a rotating selection of drafts, pours, cocktails, shots and good times. Plus, great food, fun people and a friendly vibe. Stop by and see us in beautiful Lancaster City at the corner of Chestnut and Shippen Streets across from Musser Park. We look forward to welcoming you to The Corner!


What's Going On

SunGay FunGay

Head upstairs to for an all inclusive LGBTQIA+ experience every Sunday at the Shag

Just the Tips Tuesdays now Featuring Karaoke

Good Karaoke? Nobody knows! Every Tuesday from 10pm-1am

Saddle Up for Honky Tonk Night

Fried baloney sandwiches. Shots of Jack. Whoopie pies. Hank on the stereo. Good times, Cowboy. Every Thursday.


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